Forwarding services

Has long work experience at different activities regarding organization and preparation of import-export jobs; by its knowledge of legal possibilities and practice, capable of  offering assistance in finding optimum solutions.

The part of our activities is representation in customs procedures as well as preparation of such customs documentation.

We possess the customs guarantee to such an amount, which enables the undisturbed line of activities not only for sending goods from the border to competent customs outpost but also during customs clearance.

We maintain permanent and correct cooperation with Inspection: Food inspection service, Market inspection, Phytogical inspection, Veterinary inspection, and provide necessary export-import decisions.

In order to provide high quality business results, we permanently keep in touch with regulations directly or indirectly related to forwarding and transportation activities.

Our employees possess the Republican Customs Administration License: Customs Agent 

Up to date IT organization understands electronic business operations, approved by the Republican Customs Administration License, which can be seen through on-line submission of customs documents.

The company headquarters is in Novi Sad. The number of clients permanently increases as well as our territory of business operations, so, our activities are also carried out in the representation office in Belgrade, in branch offices Airport Belgrade, Backa Palanka and Subotica.

In cooperation with reliable partners, we cover the activities at all border crossings.

Basic activities: organization of dispatch-delivery of goods, storing of goods, preparation of customs documentation and representation in the customs procedures for the delivery of goods.

Contact: Zdravko Rakovic, tel 021 / 557-268

Air freight

Operating centre is located at the Airport Nikola Tesla. In export activities, we offer the possibility of taking over the goods from dispatch location and delivery at cargo terminal; carrying out of customs formalities as well as monitoring the progress of business activity and providing information on current status of a particular shipment.

In import activities, we offer the possibility of carrying out customs formalities with the provision of necessary certificates and prompt delivery of goods to the consignee. Basic activities:

organization of dispatch and delivery of goods at the Airport Nikola Tesla (Bg), flight reservations, preparation of customs documentation and representation in the customs procedures.


Freight insurance

As a part of on-going activities of freight insurance in transportation, we can offer a wide range of coverage in cases of theft in transportation as well as general damages, through the engagement of first class companies which guarantee quick and efficient documentation processing procedure and compensation for damages.


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